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er father had piled up, the social life appealed to her. And yet, in the girlhood days, who shall say she did not learn something of the Calabar bean, of the drug, and of its properties? It would be most unlikely

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if she did not." Kennedy paused for a moment, leaving Shattuck almost speechless and hiding a secret fear. "You can draw your own conclusions from what I have just said," finished Craig. "Sometimes, you know, actions

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speak louder than words." Shattuck had risen, almost angrily as two red spots of passion appeared on his fa

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ce over the cheek-bones. "Don't you think you have done enough, hounding Mrs. Wilford with your confounded

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science?" he demanded. "I cannot say," replied Kennedy, coolly, reaching for his hat and deliberately turni

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ng away. "I am telling you this only for your own benefit. Good morning, sir." Just what Kennedy was attemp

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ting I began to understand as we closed the door to the hall and turned again to the elevator. The seeking out

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of Shattuck was quite in keeping with the plan of campaign Craig had mapped out at the start. I saw that h

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. "Before we go in," cautioned Kennedy, as we entered the mai

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